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Nobody’s going to care about your money the way you do – except us!

When you work with Gold Wealth Management you’ll find people with a passion and desire to both educate as well as serve your financial needs. Our number one goal is to provide information, education, and the best insurance and investment opportunities available so you can make confident decisions about both!

Our Company practices the same values I learned during my nine years in the Marine Corps. Honor, Courage, commitment, leadership, teamwork, dependability, loyalty, respect and service to others. 

If you’re new to investing in precious metals – we know that diversifying into gold and silver is a big decision, and we make sure you understand what your options are and how precious metals will work for you. We like to say – “learn before you earn,” and we take a no-pressure, educational approach and work with multiple educational resources to make sure you feel great about your investment strategy.

Whether you’re a first-time investor or seasoned expert – we can help protect as well as build your assets for your retirement. Gold Wealth Management goes above and beyond for you because we handle your insurance as well as your investment needs. We’ll create a sound financial foundation by offering you the best insurance products available to protect your hard-earned capital, and then we’ll grow that money through a combination of investments.

Gold Wealth Management has access to the best products and companies when it comes to your overall financial picture – we work with more than 50 of the best companies nationwide. We’ll find the best plans and products available and help you create a sound insurance and investment strategy. We’ll never recommend anything that doesn’t bring you the highest protection and best return for your money. 

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We have a straight forward process with several educational resources available.

Step 1: Request your free information kit

We will customize your information packet based on your needs and concerns.

Step 2: Do your Homework

Review and study the information. During your review process write down all questions and concerns that come up so we can discuss them.

Step 3: Continuing Education Call

Continuing Education call with one of our highly qualified educators. This could be one call or several calls depending on your needs. Allow us to learn more about you and your concerns. We know everyones situation and concerns are different. We want to get to know our clients and build long lasting relationships.

Step 4 Portfolio Review and Purchase

After you have had all questions and concerns addressed and have determined what dollar amount and what product you are investing in your Account Executive will put the portfolio together and review it with you. Once you are satisfied and comfortable with everything the purchase is made. At Gold Wealth Management we strive to provide the highest level of customer service with safe, secure and confidential investing.

Common Questions we get during the educational call.

  • Why are so many people investing in gold and silver at this time?
  • Is now a good time to buy?
  • Am I buying a piece of paper or physical gold and silver?
  • Should I purchase bars or coins?
  • Does your company hold the metal or do you send it to me?
  • How will gold and silver benefit my family?
  • How will I sell my gold and silver when the time comes?
  • Do you report anything to the IRS or is this private?
  • Can I transfer an IRA or rollover a 401k into physical gold and silver?

At Gold Wealth Management we strive to provide the highest level of customer service with safe, secure and confidential investing.

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I usually don’t take the time to write reviews or testimonials but after my experience working with Gold Wealth Management I thought it was important to share with others. I know when it comes to making any kind of investment it’s a big decision and people are looking for someone they can trust. When I reached out to Gold Wealth Management I told the associate I had done a little research and had decided I wanted to invest in silver. The sales associate took the time to find out what my concerns were and what I was trying to accomplish. I appreciate that rather than making a quick transaction he took the time to learn more about me and what I was wanting to accomplish. My order. arrived quickly and I couldn’t be happier.

Paul D – Dallas, TX

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